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Why do I need gutters?

Gutters are a necessary product for every home in America. Gutters without any trees around can keep maintence low for the homeowner. But if the home has trees around the property it can be a full time job keeping the gutters free flowing. Even if the trees are 100 yards away from the home the wind blows leaves onto the roof and they fall into the gutter. There is a solution to stopped up gutter with water running over the front and that is clean the gutter out every couple of days in the fall or installing gutter guards to keep the gutter and downspouts from stopping up. Just like anything there are many products that can cover your gutter as gutter protection but there are only a couple products that are a good value and keep the gutter from actually stopping up. Over our forty years experience we have tried many gutter guards over the years. The gutter protection we have been using the last five years have gave us great service and has great value. One of the biggest consideration to look at is not to inter fear with the roof to void any warranties like some of the hooded gutter systems and the flat kind that go under the roof. We install over 10000 feet of the product every year and have a great relationship with our supplier. If you need gutter guards or gutters please contact us for a free quote. Thank you for visiting RJ's Seamless Gutters and Windows

Welcome to RJ’s Seamless Gutters & Replacement Windows blog.

 We are a locally owned company, serving Alabama for 40 years with offices and warehouse in Foley. We take great pride in our high quality workmanship as well as the fact that we strive to put our customers first.

Replacement Windows Styles

When considering replacing your windows, there are many different styles and finishes to choose from. Depending on the replacement windows in Gulf Shores you choose, we’ll discuss some of your options in this blog.  In the design factor, you can choose a replacement window with grids between the glass for easy cleaning or without grids. You can also choose a replacement window in multiple colors. Most replacement windows come in vinyl due to cost and efficiency. About all replacement windows come standard with LowE and Argon Gas to meet the energy codes for the south. They can also be upgraded to a triple pane glass with krypton Gas. We can also do replacement windows Hurricane Impact Glass to met International Building Codes. Please call us with any questions or to schedule a free no obligation in home quote for your new windows.

Seamless Gutters prevent damage to your Home

Seamless Gutters were invented over 40 years ago to stop your home from being damaged by rainwater. Experts say that one inch of rainfall on your roof can create 500 gallons of rainwater runoff and all that water running down the side of your home can cause major problems over time.

      Some of the problems that can occur is flooding, especially if you have a basement or crawlspace under your home. Also foundation damage which means water can cause cracks in your foundation, and it will also help dissolve masonry, disintegrate stucco and other materials.

     Paint damage and stains causing paint to peel and flake is another area where rainwater off a roof can damage a home.

     Insect infestations, standing pools of water are breeding grounds for insects.

     Mold, mildew and mold love to grow in wet environments, and you’ll get lots of it, particularly in your warm climates like the south near the Gulf.

     Landscape damage is also a common occurrence for not having gutters from killing flowers and bushes to washing landscape mulch out of the flower beds.

     So I hope now you can see the importance of Seamless Gutters from RJ’s SeamlessGutters and Replacement Windows. Please give us a call anytime to come out to your home and walk around with you and locate all the problem areas rainwater causes. We will design you a plan so you can be worry free about the damages we discussed in this blog.