Why Do I Need Rain Gutters?

Many homeowners often do not realize the importance of protecting their home and foundation from excess rain water. Water is the #1 cause of damage to all homes and commercial buildings in the world.

Having a functioning rain gutter system is a simple, low cost solution to shedding excess rain water that can save you a huge amount of problems in the future.

Foundation Damage:

Rain water is like kryptonite to the concrete that makes up a homes foundation. Foundation damage is almost certainly the worst thing that can happen to a structure. Cracks and soft crumbling concrete are extremely difficult to repair, and also extremely expensive.

Exterior Concrete Damage:

Have you ever seen concrete steps that have shifted and broken? Or sidewalks and driveways that are cracked and shifted? This is all due to too much water in all the wrong places. Concrete damage like this looks bad and hampers its functionality.
Exterior Wood Damage:
Exterior damage to wood is another common problem from excess water and moisture. Window and door frames, walls, decks, and landscape structures are all targets of rot and decay.

The Solution... Seamless Rain Gutters:

Seamless gutters are the main tool at our disposal to redistribute rain water away from your foundation and home, preventing all of these costly and destructive problems. Gutters start by collection the water runoff from the roof, which is then brought to a downspout. The downspout runs down the building vertically. Typically at this point the water will be ran onto the ground with a downspout extension, away from the foundation. Sometimes underground drain tile is used, or a rain barrel to collect the water for later use.